Assessment Review Committee Report

Assessment Review Committee Report
Caroline County School Board
February 9, 2015

The Assessment Review Team met on December 11, 2014. We discussed the data that had been received from surrounding divisions and came to a majority consensus for modifications to our current testing practices. Using the research data, the team carefully reviewed and revised the assessment plan to reflect the appropriate use of tests to drive instruction.

In kindergarten and first grade, we removed the STAR test for Early Literacy and are only using PALS data which is mandated by the Virginia Department of Education. In grade 2, we reduced benchmarks from 4 times per year to twice per year, taken at the 1st and 3rd 9 weeks. We also replaced the Reading Achievement Test with the STAR Reading test that will serve in the same capacity as an indicator of student’s preparedness to enter Grade 3. In grade 3, science and social studies SOL tests will no longer be taken. We reduced the number of benchmarks in science and social studies to twice per year, alternating cycles. Science will be given at the 1st and 3rd 9 weeks and social studies will be given at the 2nd and 4th 9 weeks. Grade 5 will no longer be taking the writing SOL. Grade 5 benchmarks for social studies have been reduced from 4 to 2, given at the 2nd and 4th 9 weeks periods.

The final piece of the review committee is to communicate the assessment plan to all stakeholders. The IT department will post the assessment plan to the school division’s website and each school’s website within the next couple of weeks. We will also publish a flyer that will be available in each guidance office and the flyer will be provided to parents at the fall open house at each school.