Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Program

Barbi Miller
Gifted Specialist for BES and MES

Chelsea Spiegel
Gifted Specialist for LCES and MES

Nikki Kiger
Gifted Specialist for CHS, CMS, ACE and Governor School Coordinator

Terrie Haley
Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

Karen Foster
Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

Our Philosophy

Gifted students in Caroline County Schools are those students whose abilities and potential require special programs to meet their educational needs. The county is committed to the use of multiple criteria for identifying gifted students from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Differentiated instruction from classroom teachers will benefit students at all levels, including the gifted. In addition, enriched, accelerated, and expanded learning activities will be available through collaboration, special sessions, independent projects, and opportunities directed by gifted education specialists. Critical thinking and creativity will be integral components of differentiated instruction, and gifted students will be encouraged to reach their potential.

The county also recognizes that meeting the social and emotional needs of gifted students is an important element of their development. Training through staff development and classes for teachers, guidance counselors, and administrative staff is a priority to ensure that gifted students have a successful educational experience.

Department Information

Gifted Education in Caroline County is provided to students K-12. The program is called SEARCH and is incorporated into the curriculum in all schools in Caroline County. The SEARCH program for academics is based on the following criteria: academic record, Standardized Test Scores, Abilities Test score, and teacher recommendations. SEARCH is also available to students talented in Performing and Visual Arts. Students in SEARCH receive enrichment in the form of occasional pull-out sessions, special projects, independent studies, and extensions of the curriculum.

Students in Caroline High School may also participate in advanced classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment classes. They also have the option of choosing to attend The Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School for Marine Science and Mathematics which serves grades 10 – 12 or The Commonwealth Governor’s School which includes all four content areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and serves grades 9 – 12.

Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted

Download a copy of the 2016-2021 Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted here: Download!