Lotus Academy


Mission Statement:  Overcoming Obstacles, Building Resilience, Empowering Learners

Vision Statement:  Caroline County Public Schools believes that all students can learn, that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that alternative education is one pathway toward ultimate success.  Alternative education at Lotus Academy is a powerful and positive opportunity for students who are struggling in the traditional school setting, as teaching and learning is student-centered and individualized. At Lotus Academy student success is measured by academic growth, social/emotional development, and behavioral performance. The development of strong, positive relational bonds between staff, students, and families is cornerstone to supporting and challenging the learner to reach his/her full potential, preparing them for 3 E Readiness=Employed, Enrolled, or Enlisted.  

Overall Goal:  The ultimate goal of alternative education is to provide a supportive pathway for at-risk students to graduation. Flexibility, intensive behavioral supports, extensive social and emotional learning, individualized instruction and remediation, are just some of the ways the CCPS alternative education program helps students meet state and local graduation requirements.


Darlene Keener
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