CCPS Celebrates On-Time Graduation Rate and Overall Success Across the Division

Caroline County Public Schools saw an overall increase in its on-time graduation rate, according to the Virginia Department of Education.  The report, released in October of 2019, said that the on-time graduation rate for Caroline High School is 93.02%, up from 85% in 2018. The state average is 91.5%, down from 91.6% last year. The on-time graduation rate shows the percentage of students who have earned their diploma within four years of entering high school. According to the Virginia Department of Education, the percentage is determined by longitudinal student-level data and account for student mobility, retention and promotion patterns. Caroline High School exceeded all state target.  CHS had a 6% increase in English Language Arts and a 2% increase in Math, while celebrating 2 consecutive years of surpassing the state targets in science. In addition to their academic and On-Time Graduation performance CHS also decreased their chronic absenteeism by 4%.